Escucha ‘Blood Moon (I Did Give You Love)’, el single sorpresa de Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light estrena esta semana un nuevo single, ‘Blood Moon (I Did Give You Love)’, que se quedará como una anécdota entre su segundo disco ‘Life Is Easy’ y el tercer disco en el que está trabajando. El cantante afirma que esta canción, que lanzará oficialmente el 30 de octubre, no encaja en su nuevo álbum pero no quería quedarse sin lanzarla. De paso, con esta balada dramática ideal para Halloween, aprovecha para promocionar que está de gira por Estados Unidos como telonero de John Grant.

Así explica Bright Light Bright Light el origen de ‘Blood Moon (I Did Give You Love)’, canción que grabó el día después del eclipse / luna roja:

“I’d been off tour for a few weeks and back in the studio working on my next album and was really excited to be in New York for Fall. The weather was gorgeous and I felt really great. Then just around the Blood Moon there was a really strange tension and a few pretty awful things happened. One in particular. And there was a very pronounced change in tone. I wrote the song the morning after the eclipse. I was really affected by what happened, and also very torn with a horrible feeling that I shouldn’t be upset, but should be more worried about caring about other people that the event impacted. I felt so guilty and ridiculous for being so saddened, I felt like I couldn’t voice it. So I wrote the song pretty much in the time it takes to sing it. It doesn’t fit with the theme or energy of what I want on the next album, so I decided to release it for tour, and Halloween, and give it its own moment in time”.